primax star for all.

All levels, all styles, all wireless
– with new essentials.

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The Connected Ear.

Connectivity beyond streaming.

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Cellion primax.

Cellion primax is the world’s first hearing aid
with lithium-ion inductive charging.

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The new Insio primax CIC

Now with push button battery door.

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Introducing Signia TeleCare.

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primax. Redefining the ease of listening. Clinically proven.*

Signia hearing is pleased to introduce you to our most advanced technology – primax star™ 
With primax star, we deliver two clinically-proven world firsts – better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments like busy restaurants, and clinically-proven reduced listening effort throughout the day.* All styles, all wireless, and all now available at the essentials level to suit a broader range of patients. 
primax star hearing aids redefine the ease of listening in a sophisticated and durable line of RICS, BTEs, and custom hearing aids.


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* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.

Signia TeleCare 2.0.

Five key advantages for your business.

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Welcome to the future. Hear and now!

The new Carat primax.

Power meets versatility.

A discreet receiver-in-canal hearing aid suitable for almost all levels of hearing loss.

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Inductive Charger

Smart power, completely hassle-free.

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Silk Click Sleeves

Silk is fitted with a highly adaptable, disposable soft-silicone click sleeve which ensures a level of comfort and retention of the aid in the ear formerly reserved for custom fit solutions.

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7/17/17 AudiologyOnline

Moving Beyond the Audiogram Towards a Patient-Centered, Interactive First Fit

The usual practice when fitting a hearing aid (HA) is to adjust gain and output according to the patient’s audiogram. This is the most individualized part of the fitting process. Accordingly, the fitting software applies default settings of adaptive algorithms that are optimized to provide an ideal balance between speech understanding and sound quality. As a first fit, this works very well for many patients, but not for all.

Figure-1-Sound Quality

7/13/17 Canadian Audiologist

A Comparison of Signal Quality of Direct Streaming Hearing Aids

Perceived listening effort refers to the subjective estimate of how taxing it is to listen in a particular environment or during a certain listening task (Lemke and Besser 2016). Both external factors (e.g. noise, reverberation, speaker accent) and internal factors (e.g. hearing loss, motivation, multi-tasking) that negatively affect the perception of speech can increase the amount of effort and cognitive resources required to understand what is being said (Mattys et al. 2012; Van Engen & Peelle, 2014; Rudner, 2016; Holube et al. 2016).


7/6/17 ThirdAge

Tinnitus Therapy Features: What’s Right for You?

Advanced hearing aids include tinnitus therapy features along with amplification and directionality for better hearing. Since the symptoms and their impacts vary between individuals, hearing aid manufacturers include different treatment options to alleviate the irritation, anxiety, and other negative responses to tinnitus. The goal is finding the right solution for your specific concerns.


6/29/17 Health Management Technology

One of the most advanced wearable technologies today is … hearing aids?

Many consumers still think of hearing aids as chunky, beige prosthetics that are about as sophisticated as a portable CD player. While that may have been true a couple decades ago, the modern hearing aid is a miniature technological powerhouse that can stand proudly alongside other trendy consumer wearable technologies.

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