4 Hearing Aid Features Your Patients Need in 2019


As hearing aid technology becomes more sophisticated, you’ll need to make sure your patients have the latest and greatest features available. Providing the newest hearing aid advancements and functions can also help your practice attract new patients and lead to more satisfied hearing aid wearers. So, if you want to stand out as the practice of choice for more patients in 2019, make sure you can deliver these four features your patients will want.


Rechargeability continues to be an in-demand feature for the smartphones and other electronics your patients use each day. Hearing aids are no exception. Rechargeability provides greater convenience, so they don’t have to worry about changing tiny batteries or that the batteries will die while they’re out and about.

Signia has long been a pioneer in rechargeable hearing aid technology. Over the last year, we’ve introduced several new hearing aid models to provide a rechargeable option to fit virtually any patient’s lifestyle and level of hearing loss. We even launched a portable charger so patients can keep their hearing aids going for up to three days without needing to plug in.


Today’s patients want greater flexibility and more control. With Signia’s TeleCare™ solution, you can deliver on both fronts by offering greater connectivity. Rather than having to make a trip to your office for minor adjustments, your patients can simply use an app on their smartphones to schedule a virtual visit, during which you can adjust their hearing aids remotely. The result is a modern, personalized hearing aid experience for your patients that offers greater convenience for you as well.

Direct Streaming

Connection is more than just helping your patients connect to you; it’s also about connecting with their other devices. Whether talking on the phone, watching TV, or listening to music, your patients want to hear everything perfectly. Fortunately, Signia’s Bluetooth®-connected hearing aids enable them to stream these sounds directly into their ears. As Bluetooth connectivity continues to grow in all aspects of life, we can help your patients stay ahead of the curve in 2019.


Hearing aids have generally looked the same for decades. With the launch of Styletto, we introduced an entirely different form factor suitable for today’s wearers. Sleek design and stylish color combinations make these devices look more like wearable technology than typical, old-fashioned hearing aids. As a result, you can provide your patients with a hearing aid that lets them show off their style with devices they’ll be proud to wear.

While Signia already delivers these in-demand features today, we’ll continue to expand on them throughout the year so you can give your patients more of the benefits modern hearing aids can offer.

Want to learn more about the latest and greatest hearing aid features to help your patients hear better in 2019? Feel free to reach out to your Signia rep or contact us here to learn more.