Delivering Premium Hearing Quality in Challenging Situations

When a speaker is far away from a listener wearing hearing aids — say at the other end of the table during a large meeting —even the best hearing aids may not allow the wearer to hear clearly. Similar problems arise when the room is simply too noisy. Thanks to the new StreamLine Mic remote microphone functionality, wearers of hearing aids with Signia Nx Bluetooth® technology can stream a speaker’s voice directly into their hearing aids from a distance of up to 20 meters. As a result, the wearer hears the speaker as clearly as if they were standing right next to them.

This is an additional benefit offered by StreamLine Mic, which also allows wearers to enjoy state-of-the-art audio streaming of phone calls, music, and more from any Bluetooth device.The advantages of this superior speech understanding in noise are available to all Signia Nx devices with Bluetooth connectivity.