What if there was a hearing aid that patients loved to wear?

Hearing aids have evolved considerably in recent years, offering high-tech features hard to imagine even a decade ago. But one thing has remained the same: their shape. As a result, they are often viewed as bulky and visually unappealing, which has deterred many potential patients from even considering them.

Rethinking the hearing aid

In today’s world, we take pride in the things we own and love to show them off. When shopping, we’re just as concerned about style and how items represent us as we are about function. Smartphones, headphones, glasses, shoes, and clothes—the trend is to create slimmer, sleeker designs that look good without sacrificing quality.

What if hearing aids were designed with this in mind? What if they weren’t seen as devices that brand people as hard of hearing, and thus meant to be hidden, but instead came in a sleek design that patients would proudly wear and show off to everyone else?

The time is right for a dramatic change in hearing aid style—and Signia has risen to the challenge.

Sleek design, powerful performance

By rethinking hearing aid design first, we’ve created a new solution that looks nothing like conventional models. This exceptional hearing aid design has already made quite an impression: a study of 500 people with mild to moderate hearing loss rated our offering as overwhelmingly new and different when compared to other solutions.

Inspired by the consumer products we all love, our latest hearing aid is sleek and stylish, while retaining all the high-tech features that deliver superior hearing.

Trust us, this is something you want to have in your portfolio.

Want to be among the first to know about our new solution? Stay tuned to learn about this hearing aid evolution—it all starts on August 27.