Practically Invisible Custom-Made Hearing Aids for a Natural Hearing Experience

Tailor-made for the most discerning wearers, Signia’s new Insio Nx delivers a more natural sound with maximum discretion.

For hearing aid wearers wanting to keep their hearing loss hidden from everyone around them, Signia Insio™ Nx CIC and IIC hearing aids offer the most discreet, custom-made solution for a natural hearing experience. Insio Nx is now even smaller to provide a practically invisible hearing solution for the utmost discretion.

The new Insio Nx is equipped with Ultra HD e2e® for enhanced natural directionality and superior wireless binaural processing, even as a small CIC with a single microphone. Wearers enjoy crystal-clear sound and unrivaled speech understanding even in very noisy environments and on the phone. These new, smaller components expand the options for fittings in smaller ear canals.

Insio Nx supports how you hear naturally

Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Insio Nx’s microphones in the ear canal enable wearers to use phones and over-the-ear headphones normally. It’s so unobtrusive wearers may even forget they are wearing hearing aids.

In addition, Insio Nx is compatible with the touchControl™ App so that controlling your hearing aids can be disguised as checking smartphone texts!