Signia launches the ultimate BTE thanks to Li-ion rechargeability, the most natural own voice, and full connectivity

Introducing Motion Charge&Go Nx

Signia launches the ultimate BTE hearing aid thanks to Li-ion rechargeability, the most natural own voice, and full connectivity.


Signia is the only manufacturer of Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity. The new BTE Motion Charge&Go Nx complements the successful RIC Pure Charge&Go Nx launched earlier this year. Both groundbreaking hearing aids are powered by the Signia Nx platform, featuring Own Voice Processing (OVP™) to give your patients the most natural-sounding own voice and superior speech understanding in noise thanks to our Ultra HD e2e binaural link.

Motion Charge&Go Nx offers the most versatile fitting options so more people can enjoy Li-ion rechargeability with the most natural hearing. It is intuitive to handle because wireless charging is integrated into its dependable design. This means wearers no longer need to worry about struggling to change disposable batteries.

The reliable charging system gives wearers complete convenience. They simply charge it up with power while they sleep by placing the hearing aids into the wells of the small portable charger. The hearing aids are ready to go whenever the wearer needs them.

Combining excellent sound with ease of use

The proven Signia Nx platform improves spontaneous acceptance by 80 percent1 by replicating the natural sound of the wearer’s own voice via OVP. This feature frees hearing care professionals from having to compromise on audibility to improve the sound of their patients’ own voice. It detects and processes the sound of the own voice completely independently from all surrounding sounds, including all other voices, for the most natural hearing experience with hearing aids.

In addition, the high-capacity Li-ion power cell of Motion Charge&Go Nx supports top Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to enjoy long-lasting, high-quality stereo streaming of TV audio, music, and phone calls.

Full live remote tuning after the first fitting is supported via Signia TeleCare™ and the powerful Connexx fitting software. This provides the optimal tool to keep hearing aid trials on track and convert patients with hearing loss into satisfied customers.

Contact your local Signia sales representative today to make the most of the world’s only Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity – available only from Signia.

1 2017 “OVP Study” conducted at University of Northern Colorado examining the effect of Own Voice Processing on spontaneous acceptance after first fit of hearing aids. Further details: https://pro.signiausa.com/scientific_marketing/clinical_study_shows_significant_benefit_of_ovp/


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