Our new stylish hearing aid solution can help to overcome your patients' concerns, generate leads, and grow your practice.

How can stylish hearing aid design generate leads and increase sales?

Get ready for a dramatic change in hearing aid design that promises to change the public perception of hearing aids, generate leads, and increase sales. Ahead of a big announcement next week, we shed some light on the proof behind our excitement.

Signia believes it’s time for a hearing aid revolution. We want to break down the barriers of what a hearing aid can be, shatter perceptions about hearing loss, and deliver something never seen before. Something that combines sleek design with high performance.

On August 27, we’ll unveil our latest solution: a hearing aid with a uniquely stylish design that sets it apart from all other devices currently on the market. This new solution will also serve as a powerful vehicle to generate leads and get more patients to purchase hearing aids.

Changing minds about hearing aids

How will our new product help to increase business for your practice? It all comes down to design. Our new solution presents patients with a sleek form factor and modern color palette that will catch their eye from the beginning and leave a lasting impression. Now patients can wear a hearing aid as stylish and unique as they are. When combined with our high-tech features, this new device can change their perspective of hearing aids from clunky devices to cool accessories.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve gathered proof that our new solution represents a seismic shift in the public perception of hearing aids, which can help you grow your practice.

A solution that stands out from the crowd

We recently conducted a consumer study of 500 people with mild to moderate hearing loss and asked them to choose between two different hearing solutions. One portfolio included our new solution, the other didn’t. A whopping 84 percent of consumers chose the portfolio with our new hearing aid.

This shows the high level of interest this product can create. However, its potential doesn’t stop there. It was also proven to be highly memorable—88 percent of consumers successfully identified this hearing aid when asked which devices they had seen before. So, with our new product, you’ll have an item that draws attention and stands out in people’s minds.

In addition to getting consumer interest, our new solution can also help you convert interested consumers into satisfied patients. Our study also asked potential hearing aid wearers to choose a solution from a selection of our products.

Without our new solution, around 24 percent of people chose no hearing aids at all, simply because they couldn’t find something that appealed to their sense of style, personality, or needs. Interestingly, when we repeated the study with our new solution, nine out of 10 chose a hearing aid, with the majority choosing our new solution.

Shaking up the hearing aid industry

Based on this early market reaction, it’s clear our new solution will shake up the industry in three ways—as a modern, sleek design, a lead generator, and a powerful sales driver.

So, what is this new product to help you attract new clients—and retain them? You can learn all about it during our global announcement on Monday, August 27. Follow our online announcement from anywhere in the world at pro.signiausa.com/stay-tuned.

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