Natural Sound Quality in a Discreet and Simple Hearing Aid Design

Simplicity with a naturally clear sound. This is the essence of the smallest member of the Signia Nx RIC family, Pure® 10 Nx. Hidden behind the ear, the non-wireless Pure 10 is the ideal solution for those who want simple and discreet hearing aids.

With no on-board controls, Pure 10 minimizes any possible user errors. It is a simple device that wearers do not have to adjust. Thanks to its ultra-discreet design complete with TwinMic, Pure 10 is the smallest behind-the-ear device with directionality for high performance in noise. And the sophisticated soundscape processing of the hearing aid’s Signia Nx technology provides effective feedback cancellation and improved sound quality for all external sounds.

All of this means that wearers enjoy natural sound quality in a discreet and simple design.

Pure 10 Nx is also compatible with the touchControl™ App and miniPocket™ accessory for those who want a convenient remote control to change hearing programs and adjust volume, treble, and bass.