Signia presents some of the best mobile hearing apps on the market that focus on hearing loss and enhance the performance of hearing aids.

What Apps Can I Recommend to My Patients?

There are some quality mobile hearing apps on the market that focus on hearing loss and hearing aids. We've compiled a list of the best apps you can recommend to your patients.


There are some quality mobile hearing apps on the market that focus on hearing loss and hearing aids. We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful apps you can recommend to your patients.

1.  Signia myControl App

This excellent app acts as a relay-free remote control for quick, easy personalization and adjustments of compatible Signia hearing aids. It’s the only app to offer 360 degree microphone steering. Your patients can adjust volume and program power on delay, system sounds, low battery intervals, and flight mode. This industry-leading app also relays smartphone motion sensor data to optimize hearing aid performance while the user is on the move. An extra bonus comes in the form of Signia’s TeleLink acoustic connectivity system, which allows patients to use the myControl App when various wireless systems can’t be used, e.g., during flights.

2.  Captionfish

This is a brilliant app for those who love movies. This app assists you in finding subtitled and captioned movies playing near you up to 60 miles away. It also provides details on whether the movie is rear-window captioned (the text is on the back of the seat in front of you), open-captioned (the text is on the screen), or closed captioned (a special dedicated system). The app also display synopses, movie times, and theater locations, providing you with all the information you need to have a fantastic night out. This app can even stream captioned movie trailers!

3. Signia myHearing App

This is the perfect companion to those with new Signia hearing aids. It’s a virtual home visit that’s available to all those with Android™ or iOS® devices via the myHearing App. This app can guide users through the trial process, address wearing issues, and result in a shorter acclimatization period.

4. TooLoud?: Hearing Loss App

We are all aware that excessive loud noises and loud environments threaten our hearing. But we are not always sure if an environment is actually too loud. This app can analyze the sounds in any space, and let wearers know right away whether they’re putting their ears at risk. A graph presents live data with updates on the noise level, helping them find more hair-cell friendly areas to visit. It can also provide alerts if someone is in an excessively loud area.

5. Purple Communications VRS

This is a great app for those who communicate primarily via sign language. It helps individuals make voice phone calls using American Sign Language. With the use of a video phone, the user can sign to a qualified interpreter who would then translate the message to English for the other person on the call. Similarly, the spoken response is then relayed back in ASL by the interpreter.

These are just some of the great apps that you can recommend to your patients. While they can provide useful advice and assistance for those with hearing loss, no hearing app alone can replace modern, sleek, and technologically advanced hearing aids (like the ones brought to you by Signia)—but they can certainly enhance hearing aid wearers’ enjoyment of life.


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