Imagine being able to accompany your patient every single step of their hearing journey. Now you can – with the revolutionary Signia Assistant.


Signia Assistant: Your smart solution for more satisfied patients

Imagine being able to accompany your patient every single step of their hearing journey outside your office. Now you can – with the revolutionary Signia Assistant.

How often do you wish you could understand the real-world hearing experiences of your patients in between your appointments with them? What if there was a way to help you fine-tune their hearing aids with greater ease and free up your time by reducing the amount of avoidable return visits?

The revolutionary Signia Assistant makes this all possible. It acts as an extension of yourself so you can see the challenges your patients experience in their daily lives. It also supports them in optimizing their hearing experience with confidence. Overall, 93% of hearing aid wearers say the Signia Assistant boosts their confidence to rely on their hearing aids and lets them feel more in control of their hearing success.*

Via the Signia app on your patients’ smartphones – both iOS and Android – the revolutionary artificial intelligence of Signia Assistant supports them 24/7 in the form of intuitive text-based dialogue. Easy to learn, it offers small sound adjustments when needed and how-to videos to answer handling questions. All they need are their Signia Xperience hearing aids and the app.

And all you need is the Connexx fitting software, where you can find all the changes made by the Signia Assistant and a history of all its interactions with your patient.

A highly intelligent Assistant

The Signia Assistant is a living system – it acquires new skills over time to better support you and your patients. Based on highly advanced machine learning algorithms, the Signia Assistant gains more knowledge and further improves its support every time it is used by hearing aid wearers around the world. It also learns the preferences of each individual wearer to create the optimal tailored solution for every person.

As a result, 93% of Signia Assistant users regard it as a meaningful innovation that raises their satisfaction with their hearing aids in difficult listening situations.* In this way, the Signia Assistant enables you to deliver the next level of modern, fully optimized hearing care.

Easier onboarding

Your first appointment with patients often contains an overwhelming amount of information for them. They might forget a lot of this information afterwards. This is why many of your follow-up appointments are spent repeating handling or troubleshooting issues to help each hearing aid wearer.

With the Signia Assistant, all the essential information is available to your patients within a few seconds as they go about their lives in the form of easy-to-understand handling videos and troubleshooting guides tailored to each wearer’s specific hearing aids. So the more readily they have access to the information, the quicker they will remember it and the less likely they are to have to ask you during follow-up appointments.

Control at your patients’ fingertips

In the Signia app, your patients enjoy two types of control:

  1. Traditional remote control with on-the-go changes to volume or sound balance that allow for temporary optimization of the sound in a specific situation. These changes are reset when they turn off their devices.
  2. The Signia Assistant for tailored sound adjustments to help them find their perfect sound. All the changes made by the Signia Assistant will remain even after they switch their hearing aids off and on again. They can choose to reset the hearing aids to their original settings at any time.

Full transparency and integration in Connexx

In your Connexx fitting software, you can see all the adjustments that the Signia Assistant made since your last session. Soon you will also be able to see details about each specific interaction: the situation your patient was in at a particular date and time, the issue that required assistance, and the solution implemented by the Signia Assistant.

This means that for the first time, you have a wealth of detailed information at your fingertips to help you address each patient’s fine-tuning needs much more precisely than ever before.

A game-changing solution

By providing tailored settings specific to each individual, Signia Assistant increases the benefit of the hearing aids, according to 87% of wearers.* Strongly perceived as a meaningful innovation, the Signia Assistant also drives sales because an overwhelming 87% of consumers would choose hearing aids with such an assistant when buying new devices.*

After using the Signia Assistant and experiencing its benefits, 8 out of 10 people would recommend trying hearing aids with the Signia Assistant to a friend.* Only Signia offers such a comprehensive and convincing solution, making Signia Assistant a great differentiator for your business.

Your patients’ very own hearing companion

With the new Signia Assistant you can:

  • Make your patients feel in control and confident with full 24/7 support
  • Increase your patient satisfaction and conversion rate with the power to address new and experienced hearing aid wearers’ needs more accurately
  • Increase the quality of follow-up appointments through a new level of real-world usage insights
  • Easily fine-tune by seeing exactly how your patients choose to personalize their hearing experience
  • Free up your time by reducing the amount of avoidable return visits through easy guidance and minor adjustments

To enjoy all these benefits, simply encourage your patients to use the Signia app – it’s a small effort to ensure a big reward for you and for them. The Signia Assistant works with all Bluetooth-enabled Signia Xperience hearing aids. For more information about the advantages of the Signia Assistant, contact your local Signia representative and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the latest Signia hearing solutions.


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