With style and function, Signia's Styletto hearing aids offer people with hearing loss high-tech devices that do more than just enable hearing.

Styletto: Aesthetically Pleasing, Efficient, and Empowering

The stylish new Styletto from Signia is transforming how we think and feel about hearing aids. The newSLIM-RIC challenges where we draw the line between hearing aids and stylish accessories, empowering wearers to live how they choose.

While they might differ in color and shape, many hearing aids share a similar look. Signia created Styletto to break the mold of hearing aid design, so you can give your patients a unique option. By combining fashion and functionality, this revolutionary SLIM-RIC form factor redefines stylish hearing aid design.

Thinking outside the box

Hearing aid manufacturers have often struggled to capture the art of combining style and functionality in hearing devices. In fact, since the common model has been the norm for so long, many companies see no need to fix what isn’t broken. However, many of your patients would probably disagree.

People with hearing loss want a hearing aid that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing and unique. For this reason, many people with hearing loss choose not to use hearing aids at all. Styletto was developed to solve this problem. It’s a fresh take on hearing aids, offering a new form factor that comes in a number of colors, including jewelry tones like rose gold and silver. Your patients will also like that it’s virtually unnoticeable and simply appears to be a sleek piece of jewelry or technology to an unknowing onlooker.

Empowering patients to live life to the fullest

Styletto hearing aids are more than just stylish accessories. They also provide a high level of convenience and audiological benefit. Made with built-in lithium-ion batteries, the devices can be put in a portable case for recharging and last a full day in between charges. If the wearer’s lifestyle requires frequent travel, the hearing aids contain one day’s charge and the fully charged case provides another three days of rechargeability.

Convenient handling means Styletto hearing aids don’t hold people back. Whether they’re taking a long weekend getaway or a business trip,  they don’t have to worry about changing batteries. Hearing aids should support your patients’ careers and social lives, not hinder them.

Making hearing aids fashionable

When you look at Styletto’s behind-the-ear design, it’s similar to how people wear another helpful accessory: glasses.

Over the years, they have gone from a necessity some people would be embarrassed to wear to a fashionable accessory. There are now hundreds of styles, colors, and shapes from which to choose. They offer a new way for people to express themselves, and they take pride in how they look while wearing them.

Glasses have become a part of people’s lives, and hearing aids should be viewed in the same way. With Styletto, Signia has created a high-tech hearing device that does more than enable hearing. Styletto empowers its wearers while offering the same freedom of expression that glasses do. Your patients can pick the Styletto color design that fits their personality and start choosing their own adventure.

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