Signia Nx Combines the Most Natural Hearing Experience with Highest Discretion

The new Silk Nx hearing aids from Signia provide the first practically invisible solution for the most natural hearing experience.

Replicating nature

Many people feel reluctant to wear hearing aids because they don’t want others to know about their hearing loss.

Signia’s new Silk™ Nx offers the first practically invisible solution for the most natural and discreet hearing and wearing experience. Our revolutionary ready-to-wear CIC offers great advantages for wearers who want to hide their hearing loss.

Silk Nx is 20 percent smaller than Silk primax and features darker faceplates. The smaller size makes Silk Nx suitable for even more ear anatomies. Wearers enjoy a practically invisible hearing solution that no one will notice.

Our always-on Ultra HD e2e® binaural link enables the most natural hearing experience. Wearers enjoy excellent speech understanding and the most natural sound quality in noisy situations. Phone conversations can be heard in both ears.

Simply fit and go

Silk Nx’s instant fit design provides an immediate, hassle-free custom experience without waiting times thanks to our flexible super-soft silicone Click Sleeves.

Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Silk Nx’s microphones are positioned in the ear canal, enabling wearers to use phones and over-the-ear headphones comfortably.

Practically invisible and ready to wear, Silk Nx provides a natural hearing experience in every situation.