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Directional Microphones (Tech in 10)

  • This event is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT
  • Will discuss how e2e wireless 3.0 technology is capable of transmitting audio signals from one hearing instrument to the other in a bilateral fitting. ‘Narrow Directionality’, an enhanced binaural beamforming algorithm, and ‘Spatial SpeechFocus’, a self-steering binaural beam forming algorithm, provide benefit in challenging environments.
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Learn more about our revolutionary directional hearing through these online courses:

Primax – Maximizing the Listening Experience (1-hour CEU-eligible webinar)

  • This is a comprehensive overview of Signia primax, including SPEECH.  Narrow Directionality is covered as one of the primary features of the primax platform.
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Binaural Beamforming for Individuals with Severe Hearing Loss (Tech in 10)

  • Discusses the measured benefit of Narrow Directionality for individuals with severe hearing loss.
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Objective Measurements of Listening Effort (Tech in 10)

  • Discusses how listening effort was objectively measured and the clinical evidence indicating SPEECH and EchoShield reduce listening effort.
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Speech Recognition Benefit Obtained from Binaural Beamforming Hearing Aids: Comparison to Omnidirectional and Individuals with Normal Hearing – (1-hour CEU-eligible webinar)

  • This text describes the clinical evaluation of the efficacy of a new hearing aid binaural beamforming algorithm — specifically, comparing the aided speech recognition of individuals with hearing loss to that of omnidirectional processing, and a second group of participants with normal hearing. Results showed that when the beamforming algorithm was used by the hearing impaired participants, there was also a significant difference between groups at two study sites, with better speech recognition performance for the hearing impaired groups fitted with the binaural beamforming hearing aids.
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Binaural Hearing (Tech in 10)

  • This Tech in 10 webinar discusses how binaural beamforming (specifically Narrow Directionality and Spatial SpeechFocus) enhances the three components of normal binaural hearing:
  1. Binaural redundancy — You hear things twice, so have two chances to “get it right.”
  2. Binaural squelch — The brain stem analyzes intensity and phase differences from each ear and allows desired signals to pass more readily (speech is given preference).
  3. Binaural directed listening — Brain focuses attention on desired signal; auditory system must localize and extract signal of interest.
    • Results of two independent studies that discuss clinical proof that Signia wearers can hear speech better than people with normal hearing in noisy restaurants and cocktail party listening environments.
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