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Counseling Suite: Competent and customized consultation – at your fingertips.

Counseling Suite is a powerful tool that facilitates well-structured, customized consultations. The software is available for tablets, Windows®, and Apple® computers.


Intuitive and informative – for customized counseling.

Easily tailor the information you present to each patient with the new display options. Use the content to facilitate understanding of hearing loss and its effects. And give patients and their loved ones visible and audible insight into their hearing loss with the proven Hearing Loss Simulator.


Use the gallery function to show your patients how various hearing aids will look when they wear them. And give your patients printouts with relevant information, so they can make informed decisions at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.

Added value for you and your patient.

The Counseling Suite clearly demonstrates the benefits of features in higher performance levels, helping patients understand how advanced hearing aids can improve their everyday lives.


The Counseling Suite can be used on PCs and tablets, providing you with a flexible partner for your consultation process – in the office and beyond.


Download Counseling Suite App

Enhance your consultations, workflow, and patient satisfaction with this powerful, versatile counseling tool by simply downloading it now.