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Signia’s miniReceivers build upon our extensive knowledge of receiver design and functionality. Our miniReceivers are robust, dependable and easy to handle, suitable for nearly every ear canal shape and level of hearing loss.

Ready to perform each and every day.

Signia miniReceivers have been proven to be very durable.
Over 50 percent of receiver returns are unnecessary.

An internal analysis of returned miniReceivers has shown:

  • 53 percent of returned receivers were in either good condition or only needed a wax guard exchange.
  • 33 percent of receiver cerumen damage could have been avoided with regular care.

Encourage the wearer to regularly exchange domes and filters based on these recommended schedules:

  • Exchange the dome every 2-3 weeks.
  • Exchange the receiver wax guard every 4 weeks.

Receiver wax guard exchange kit

miniReceiver exchange wax guards are pre-mounted on a stick for easy and safe exchange and are available as a B2C service part.

The exchange filter is compatible with S, M, and P receivers of miniReceiver and miniReceiver 2.0 – and for Styletto receivers.


Regular maintenance and proper care of the receiver wax guard and dome save time and ensure reliably working hearing aids.