Comparison of Music Sound Quality Between Hearing Aids and Music Programs

AudiologyOnline, August 2017

While hearing aid users often wear their hearing aids for music listening, they are frequently dissatisfied with the sound quality of music. This AudiologyOnline article details a study which describes music sound quality ratings between the universal and music programs of five premier market hearing aids, and which hearing aid achieves the best overall sound quality ratings.

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Matthias Fröhlich, PhD

Dr. Matthias Froehlich is head of product management platforms and audiology for Sivantos in Erlangen Germany. He is responsible for the definition and validation of the audiological benefit of new hearing instrument platforms. Dr. Froehlich joined Siemens Audiology Group in 2002, holding various positions in R&D and Product Management since then. He received his PhD in physics from Goettingen University, Germany.


Veronika Littmann, PhD

Dr. Littmann is the Team Leader of R&D Audiology System Development for Signia in Erlangen, Germany.