Listening Effort, Speech Intelligibility, and Narrow Directionality

The Hearing Review, January 2017

Dr. Veronika Littmann R&D Audiology, together with Dr. Harvey Dillon and his research team at NAL recently published an article on Narrow Directionality in The Hearing Review. The article reports on a study which showed that Narrow Directionality provided a significant listening advantage in a laboratory experiment comprising a frontal target speech in diffuse speech babble. For this experiment, participants with moderate hearing loss matched the intelligibility performance of a group of age-matched near-normal hearers. The range of effort incurred in listening for the hearing-impaired participants also matched that of the age-matched, near-normal hearing group.

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Veronika Littmann, PhD

Dr. Littmann is the Team Leader of R&D Audiology System Development for Signia in Erlangen, Germany.