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Motion 13 BT. The most versatile fitting option combined with direct connectivity.

Introducing Motion® 13 BT — the  latest addition to our primax™ star platform. It combines the industry’s most innovative application of Bluetooth® low energy with high-definition binaural hearing to deliver better-than-normal hearing and a direct connection to iPhone®. It’s the latest Signia hearing aid to offer audiological benefit through Bluetooth. It uses detailed, Bluetooth-based data in combination with the new myControl™ App to provide a clear overview of the wearer’s acoustic environment.

Motion 13 BT. The latest addition to hearing with direct connectivity to iPhone and TV.

Key features:

  • Available in performance levels 7/5/3
  • Audiological benefit through Bluetooth
  • Direct streaming
  • Motion sensors
  • Compatible with myControl App 2.0
  • TeleCare 2.2 ready
  • Connexx 8.3 ready
  • Available with earhook (standard and small), as well as ThinTube
  • Tinnitus Notch Therapy treatment

iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Motion SP primax.

Super powered, compact, and fully featured.

The latest technological advancements are now available to patients with severe to profound hearing loss in the new Motion™ SP. The compact housing contains all the features of our primax™ platform with a much improved fitting range. primax technology delivers the best speech comprehension in very noisy environments, which are especially challenging to wearers with severe to profound hearing loss.

Motion SP primax in detail.

Available in all performance levels and a variety of colors, Motion SP is a compelling choice for patients in need of a super power hearing aid. Signia primax takes connectivity, speech comprehension, and performance to the next level with technologies like SPEECH and full wireless support for our apps and accessories. Direct audio input via the optional audio shoe and easy-to-reach controls on the device cater to wearers’ typical requirements in this class.



Motion P primax

Powerful and small for severe- to-profound hearing losses.

When patients have a severe hearing loss staying socially active can be a challenge . The new Motion P was developed to offer a sleek and powerful solution when it’s needed (replacing the binax-based Motion PX). It meets the needs of all wearers in need of every bit of audibility available, while providing excellent reliability and ease of use.

Motion P primax in detail.

Powerful performance just got smaller. Motion P comes in a new, sleek, and robust housing in a variety of colors that enhance the wearer’s comfort and discretion. primax technology incorporates existing binax and micon technologies while steering amplification where it is needed, elevating the dominant speaker above other sounds in a wide variety of speech environments. Improved amplification, integrated direct audio input, and connectivity to our touchControl™ App enable Motion P to cover a wide range of hearing losses.

Find more convenience and possibilities with accessories.

Our accessories complement and extend the functionality of our hearing aids even further. Wearers can control the volume with easyTek,™ as well as change programs or stream audio directly into their hearing aids for even more comfort and discretion.


Motion SX and SA primax.

Sleek. Effortless.

With their sleek, robust BTE design, the Motion® SX and SA primax™ models offer wearers maximum comfort and convenience. There’s a model to suit almost every hearing loss requirement. Easy to adjust and control, they are packed with functionality that lets wearers hear with ease all day long.

Motion SX and SA primax in detail.

Full-featured, with directional microphones for true binaural hearing, Motion SX and SA primax are fitted with the ultra-slim ThinTube for maximum discretion and improved directional hearing. Motion SX primax models have a rechargeable battery, while SA models can be equipped with an optional battery compartment for direct audio input via an integrated audio shoe.

Accessories for multiple options.

A full range of accessories is available, including easyTek that lets wearers change programs, adjust the volume, or stream audio easily and conveniently. The easyTek App even enhances these functionalities and the level of discretion.


NEW: primax star for all.

Signia now brings you a primax star portfolio that covers all your patients’ needs.

To deliver a superior listening experience even at the Essential level, our new 2px and 1px hearing aids offer advanced sound technology, remote control capabilities and TeleCare.


Motion primax at a glance



For more convenience and greater possibilities.

The best accessories complement and significantly extend the functionality of hearing aids. Remote controls, companion microphones, and charging stations are a delight for every hearing aid wearer.

Audio Streaming

easyTek. Effortlessly connected, seamlessly integrated.

In our digitally integrated world, more and more people are looking to connect their devices. People with hearing loss are no exception. With easyTek™, you have the ideal solution. The lightweight audio streamer and remote control quickly connects all e2e wireless™ 3.0 enabled hearing aids to Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

At a glance.


One button, all functions:

The intuitive multi-function button (1) detects the situation, adjusts the function, and controls streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources.

Absolutely discreet:

The LED status indicators for Bluetooth (5) , function (6) and battery (7) are placed discreetly on the top, so they are only visible to the wearer.


The neck loop antenna (8) ensures correct positioning for reliable operation and delivers excellent sound quality to the wearer – or to a caller – through the high-performance, built-in microphones (9) .


DAI input (12) , line-in input (4) and Bluetooth wireless provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLink, music players, laptops, smartphones, and more.

Improved streaming time:

Thanks to e2e wireless 3.0, easyTek offers reliable data transmission with minimum power consumption for exceptionally durable and reliable Bluetooth and FM streaming.

Ready to use:

Connexx® is not required for pairing because easyTek works out of the box. Wearers can easily pair their hearing aids to easyTek, and easyTek to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Easy pairing.

Hearing aids: Step 1

Put easyTek around your patient’s neck. Turn easyTek on by pressing (1) until the green LED (6) turns on.


Hearing aids: Step 2

Put the hearing aids into the ears and turn them on. The green LED (6) flashes briefly and then slowly fades. Now the hearing aids are paired.


Bluetooth-enabled devices: Step 1

Turn easyTek on by pressing and holding (1) for several seconds. If the blue LED (5) does not automatically start flashing, press (1) and (2) until it does.


Bluetooth-enabled devices: Step 2

Turn on the device’s Bluetooth function. Search for easyTek and select it. The blue LED (5) flashes briefly and then slowly fades.


Transmitter: Step 1

Turn easyTek on by pressing and holding (1) for several seconds. Press (1) , (2), and (3) simultaneously until the blue LED (5) and the green LED (6) flash.


Transmitter: Step 2

Turn the transmitter on within 1m of easyTek and wait for the pairing to complete. This takes approximately two minutes. The blue LED (5) will stop flashing and remain on.


"The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.”

Download the easyTek How To Guide for Consumers and Dispensers

Accessories for easyTek

The following accessories are useful supplements for easyTek:


The connection to easyTek: TV Transmitter.

The TV Transmitter connects televisions without Bluetooth functionality to the easyTek. This way, your patients can wirelessly stream sound directly into their hearing aids and fully enjoy their favorite shows.



Companion microphone: VoiceLink.

VoiceLink™ wirelessly connects to easyTek. When the microphone is given to a speaker, it streams their voice directly to the hearing aids – which is especially helpful in difficult listening situations like meetings.

Download the VoiceLink Quick Fit Guide

easyTek App. Control at the swipe of a finger.

Free to download from the Google Play Store™ or Apple App Store®, the easyTek™ App* lets users control their hearing aids quickly and conveniently.

easyTek App in detail.

With the easyTek App, users can change hearing programs, volume, directionality, tinnitus settings, and SoundBalance™. It’s even possible to check the battery status of their hearing aids.


Download easyTek App




Remote Controls


Discreet control: miniPocket.

The ideal solution for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without the need for a large remote control or smartphone. Reliable and easy to use, the miniPocket is small enough to carry on a key ring yet powerful enough to control all essential features.


Remote control: easyPocket.

The sleek easyPocket™ with large buttons and an easy-to-read display gives even users with dexterity issues easy access to their hearing aids.

Download the easyPocket™ Quick Setup Guide

touchControl App. A touch is all it takes.

Compatible with all primax devices, the touchControl™ App allows users to discreetly control their hearing aids from their Android™ or iOS® smartphone without the need for any additional hardware. The app, which lets users change hearing programs and adjust the volume, is free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Download touchControl App






Charging station: eCharger.

The eCharger recharges and dehumidifies hearing aids overnight, so your patients don’t need to worry about changing batteries.


Your eCharger goes mobile: Car adapter.

The optional car adapter lets you take your eCharger with you even when you’re on the road, so you can top off your hearing aid batteries wherever you go.

Motion primax Technical Data Sheet

Motion SP primax Technical Data Sheet