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Hearing better on and off the stage

Decades around loud music caused guitarist David Gellis to develop hearing loss. In a recent video, he shared his journey to better hearing.


7/18/18 ThirdAge

When One Good Ear Isn’t Enough

Millions of Americans have single-sided hearing loss, and another 60,000 acquire the condition each year. These individuals experience either total hearing loss or diminished hearing in one ear, while maintaining normal hearing in the other.


7/13/18 Hearing Tracker

Signia Pure Charge&Go Review

I recently had the opportunity to test drive a pair of Signia Pure® Charge&Go Nx hearing aids, courtesy of Signia. Overall, the experience was a good one; I enjoyed the convenience of rechargeability, and found that the hearing aids performed well in background noise. I also enjoyed the novelty of streaming audio from my television. Read on for my full review!

Dr Cliff

7/10/18 Doctor Cliff AuD

Signia Pure Charge&Go – All in One Hearing Aid

What is the Best All-In-One Hearing Aid? It could be the Signia Pure Charge & Go. In this video Dr. Cliff Olson reviews the Signia Pure Charge and Go hearing aid.

visual sounds

7/2/18 Medium

Hearing Color and Feeling Music: When Our Senses Overlap

There are many people without hearing or vision loss who also experience a blending of the senses. For individuals with the condition known as synesthesia, they regularly experience unique sensations like hearing color or even tasting sounds!


6/28/18 Forbes

Should Technology Augmentation Allow Us To Be Better Than Our Normal Selves?

At the Moor Insights and Strategy website, Yuri Teshler, one of our previous healthcare lead and a founder at Wellsmith, authored a blog about the latest hearing aids he uses. His experiences with the Signia Nx 13 with OVP(Own Voice Processing) offer an interesting set of insights as to where augmentation may be going.


6/27/18 The Hearing Review

Own Voice Processing Has People Talking More

When new users were fitted with Own Voice Processing (OVP), increased communication was self-reported in 75 of the 96 communication settings (78%) they nominated (via COSI).  Only 4 of the 32 participants did not report increased communication in at least 1 of the 3 situations selected.


6/21/18 Living Well Magazine

4 Ways Hearing Loss Affects You at Work

Your ability to hear is crucial throughout your day—whether talking to your family, hearing cars and other dangers when walking down the street, or when relaxing by listening to music or watching TV. However, with hearing loss, each of these becomes more difficult.


6/17/18 Hearing Aid Know

Don’t Dream It, Stream It

Everyone knows hearing aids help people with hearing loss better understand the world around them. But that’s only part of the story. Today’s advanced hearing aids do so much more, giving hearing aid wearers new ways to hear the sounds most important to them.


5/9/18 EHS Daily Advisor

How Does Hearing Loss Impact Employee Safety

Affecting about 48 million people in the United States, hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities among American workers. The effects of hearing loss on the workforce can be far-reaching, resulting in lost productivity, lower wages, and increased safety risks.

Hearing in Crowds

5/5/18 Hearing Aid Know

Beyond Losing Your Hearing

Hearing loss is one of the most common medical conditions, affecting nearly 50 million Americans. It can be difficult to follow conversations, hear important sounds, and even enjoy simple pleasures like birds singing. However, hearing loss doesn’t always occur on its own. For many people, it can be caused by or lead to more serious health conditions.
Whether physical or mental, comorbidities of hearing loss can be serious or potentially life-threatening.


4/30/18 ZipHearing

Can Your Hearing Aids do it All?

Today’s hearing aids significantly enhance the quality of life for those with hearing loss, improving their physical health and mental well-being, and bringing new efficiencies to their everyday lives.


4/30/18 AudiologyOnline

Perception of Own Voice Wearing Hearing Aids: Why “Natural” is the New Normal

You twenty-to-thirty-something readers probably grew up hearing your own voice from some recording—telephone messages, home movies, tape recordings, and other devices. And today, hearing your own voice via a recording probably sounds pretty normal to you, or at least tolerable. It was only a generation or two ago, however, when hearing one’s own recorded voice was a novel experience.

Harvey Patterson

Satellite Media Tour 2018

Coverage of our April 24 SMT featuring Harvey Patterson of the It’s Your Choice Campaign

KGUN9 — Morning Blend

ArkLaTex Local News 


4/17 Hearing Health Foundation

How Modern Hearing Aids Make Hearing a Natural and Pleasant Experience Again

Being able to hear and understand speech again is usually the first and foremost reason why people buy hearing aids. But since hearing loss typically develops over a long period of time, patients “forget” how to hear certain sounds.


3/26/18 Erlangen Colloquium Coverage

The more different disciplines cooperate, the more innovative solutions become. This is the reason why Sivantos Group, the manufacturer of Signia hearing aids, is dedicated to organizing and hosting the 45th annual Erlangen Colloquium in February, a meeting of hearing healthcare-focused scientists and developers, Sivantos announced.


Sivantos Group Hosts Annual Erlangen Colloquium

The Hearing Review

Sivantos Group Holds 45th Annual Erlangen Colloquium


2/28/18 ZipHearing

Telecare Transforms Life for Those with Hearing Loss

 A recent study found the main reasons for non-usage of hearing aids include a perceived lack of benefit or too much background noise or feedback. Now imagine if patients could receive immediate support as soon as something went wrong, talk to their HCP at their own convenience, and have their hearing aids adjusted remotely to improve their performance and reduce background noise and feedback. Would the return rate still be so high?

Beautiful   Young woman listening to online streaming music

2/21/18 LivingBetter50

The Future of Hearing Aids is Already Here

Hearing loss continues to affect a growing number of people around the world, including a greater number of the younger generations. As these individuals want more from their hearing aids beyond simple sound amplification, the industry has kept up to meet this demand. The result is an advanced array of hearing aid solutions which provide more options to suit how people live, work, and play.


2/13/18 Hearing Health & Technology Matters

Hearing Care in the Age of IoT

The rapid advancement of technology has introduced a new era in how we interact with the world around us. You can control the thermostat in your home while at work. Wearable fitness trackers make it easy to see how many steps you take each day. You can even find out the weather by asking a tabletop device. This heightened state of connectivity is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and it holds a great deal of promise for those with hearing loss.


2/8/18 Hearing Aid Know

Everything’s Connected: The IoT and Your Hearing

In our modern, digital lives, so many of the technologies we use each day are now intertwined. This network of connected devices is known as the Internet of Things, or IoT, and has changed the way we do even the most basic of tasks.


2/5/18 Medium

Hearing Health Enters the Digital Age

Hearing loss continues to affect an ever-growing and increasingly younger portion of the population. As the number of people requiring treatment for hearing loss expands, so has the range of solutions available to help them.

Powers_Fig1-300x272_OVP Benefits Article

1/26/18 The Hearing Review

Clinical Study Shows Significant Benefit of Own Voice Processing

Over the years, considerable research has been devoted to studying the physical characteristics of average conversational speech, and, as a result, we have a well-documented long-term average speech spectrum (LTASS) that can be used for clinical and research purposes.


1/15/18 ZipHearing

Beyond “Better Hearing”: How Modern Hearing Aids Make Hearing a Pleasant and Natural Experience Again

You have probably heard the old stereotypes about hearing aids—they whistle, they make everything too loud, they are noisy. But a less common complaint is that they don’t do their job. In other words, people acknowledge that hearing aids do help people hear the sounds that they couldn’t with hearing loss, but the trouble is that hearing aids don’t always make what they hear sound good or as expected.

170XX-Ask the Audiologist Banner

1/15/18 Medium

Improve How You Hear in the New Year

Think about the sounds of the holidays — conversations at a family gathering, holiday music at every store, children laughing with excitement as they tear open their presents. However, if you have hearing loss, it can be difficult to make out these sounds and enjoy the season to the fullest.


11/27/17 Audiology Online

Sound Quality as the Key to User Acceptance

Most of you reading this have normal hearing.  And, in your daily life you rarely, if ever, think about “sound quality.” True, if you are serious about your home music listening, sound quality might be something that you indeed think about on occasion—the right delivery system, loudspeakers, headphones and streaming devices. This, however, tends to be more of a recreational concern, not something that impacts your daily activates.


11/2/17 The Hearing Tracker

Signia Pure 13 BT Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Over the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity to wear another top-of-the-line hearing aid — the Pure 13 BT from Signia. Hearing Tracker and Signia worked together to organize and support this trial with the hopes of providing hearing aid users a glimpse into the latest innovations in hearing aid technology.



10/31/17 The Hearing Review

A New Own Voice Processing System for Optimizing Communication

Makes people talk is the slogan of a humorous advertisement by Läkerol, a manufacturer of throat lozenges. However, it could also be a guideline and rallying call for our profession. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


10/18/17 AudiologyOnline

Replicating Nature – Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the Most Natural Own Voice and Highest Acceptance

Interview with Pamela Burton, AuD, Vice President of Product Management and Customer Care, Signia.

10/17/17 ThirdAge.com

Over the Counter Hearing Aids: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

As of this writing, the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 has been recently introduced by a bipartisan committee of US Senators led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). The bill seeks to establish an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid category for adults who “perceive” themselves to have mild-to-moderate hearing loss.


8/2/17 Tech Grapple

5 Things to Know About the Latest Advances in Hearing Aids

Like other digital electronics, hearing aid technology is advancing at an incredible speed. Intelligent, versatile, and easier to use than ever, they offer functionalities undreamed of just a few years ago. So, if you still think of hearing aids as squeaky, clunky prosthetic devices that only make everything louder, finding out what they are capable of now will surprise you.


7/17/17 AudiologyOnline

Moving Beyond the Audiogram Towards a Patient-Centered, Interactive First Fit

The usual practice when fitting a hearing aid (HA) is to adjust gain and output according to the patient’s audiogram. This is the most individualized part of the fitting process. Accordingly, the fitting software applies default settings of adaptive algorithms that are optimized to provide an ideal balance between speech understanding and sound quality. As a first fit, this works very well for many patients, but not for all.

Figure-1-Sound Quality

7/13/17 Canadian Audiologist

A Comparison of Signal Quality of Direct Streaming Hearing Aids

Perceived listening effort refers to the subjective estimate of how taxing it is to listen in a particular environment or during a certain listening task (Lemke and Besser 2016). Both external factors (e.g. noise, reverberation, speaker accent) and internal factors (e.g. hearing loss, motivation, multi-tasking) that negatively affect the perception of speech can increase the amount of effort and cognitive resources required to understand what is being said (Mattys et al. 2012; Van Engen & Peelle, 2014; Rudner, 2016; Holube et al. 2016).


7/6/17 ThirdAge

Tinnitus Therapy Features: What’s Right for You?

Advanced hearing aids include tinnitus therapy features along with amplification and directionality for better hearing. Since the symptoms and their impacts vary between individuals, hearing aid manufacturers include different treatment options to alleviate the irritation, anxiety, and other negative responses to tinnitus. The goal is finding the right solution for your specific concerns.


6/29/17 Health Management Technology

One of the most advanced wearable technologies today is … hearing aids?

Many consumers still think of hearing aids as chunky, beige prosthetics that are about as sophisticated as a portable CD player. While that may have been true a couple decades ago, the modern hearing aid is a miniature technological powerhouse that can stand proudly alongside other trendy consumer wearable technologies.


5/23/17 Hearing Health Blog

Telehealth Tools Can Change Your Hearing Care

We continue to benefit from incredible technological advances that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions. One rapidly growing technology with the potential to revolutionize hearing care is telehealth, which utilizes telecommunication technologies like smartphone apps to provide virtual healthcare and education services to patients.


5/22/17 Satellite Media Tour

Multimedia interviewing event featuring Dr. Eric Branda and special guest, Cellion™ hearing aid wearer and Blood, Sweat and Tears lead guitarist, Dave Gellis.

Daytime: Better Speech & Hearing Month

NewsWatch TVThe Issue of Hearing Loss

Kgun9 Morning Blend: Everyday Sounds Causing Hearing Loss

NTVS Nebraska TV: Good Life

3 News Now The Morning Blend: Help for Hearing Loss






5/22/17 The Hearing Review

Comparison Study of Speech Recognition Using Binaural Beamforming Narrow Directionality

This article examines the advantages provided by the Signia primax Narrow Directionality processing for speech understanding in background noise in four studies: Comparisons of the primax system to previous research with the binax platform, SNR benefits related to average speech understanding, and comparisons to a competitive product using Signia adaptive directional and narrow directionality processing.


4/7/17 MacSources

Signia Cellion Hearing Aids REVIEW

Let me start this off by thanking Signia for allowing me to test out a pair of their Cellion Hearing Aids. You don’t understand how much you miss when you have hearing loss until you can hear it again. The Cellion hearing aids from Signia are a work of medical technology art. They are so incredibly advanced that you would be hard-pressed to find a set of hearing aids that are able to do more for your hearing health.



4/6/17: MedCity News

Here’s how telehealth tools help hearing health professionals improve patient care

New technology is constantly being developed to improve our ability to diagnose, treat, and care for a variety of medical conditions. One up-and-coming technology trend is telehealth. Some of the telehealth tools that we have already seen include services that enable video conferencing between doctors and patients, and apps that assist in patient care. In the field of hearing care, such tools also improve healthcare delivery for both patients and service providers.


3/27/17: Audiology Online

New Leadership at Sivantos US

On March 15th, Steve Mahon joined Sivantos at the CEO and President of Sivantos U.S. Steve brings strong leadership, strategic vision and broad experience to continue to grow Sivantos’ share and success in the U.S. market.


3/24/17: Audiology Online

Signia Introduces Made for iPhone Hearing Aid with High-Definition Binaural Hearing

Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President Marketing and Education, Signia.


3/24/17 Hearing Tracker

Signia To Release Made-For-iPhone Hearing Aid with TeleCare Integration

Today, Signia (formerly Siemens) unveiled the Signia Pure® 13 BT, the company’s first Made-For-iPhone (MFi) hearing aid, and the world’s first true telehealth-supported hearing aid with iPhone audio streaming capabilities.


2/24/17 Living Better 50

What to Look for in a Hearing Aid in Cases of Severe Hearing Loss

If you have severe to profound hearing loss, chances are you are already a seasoned hearing aid wearer. You know which listening situations gives you more trouble than others, and which hearing aid features you can’t live without. But if you’re thinking about purchasing your next pair of hearing aids, it’s important to keep in mind that hearing aid technology has made significant leaps and bounds just within the last few years.


2/20/17 The Hearing Review

Multi-center Evidence of Reduced Listening Effort Using New Hearing Aid Technology

In early 2016, Signia launched the new primax platform. As with all new Signia hearing aid technology, the features and algorithms of the product were designed to provide excellent sound quality, appropriate loudness, listening comfort, and to optimize speech understanding, particularly in background noise.

Blog Bucket Image

2/2/17 Blog Bucket

Don’t Wait to Address Hearing Loss

The statistics relating to hearing loss are alarming: One person out of every five suffers from hearing loss. That is 48 million Americans – 20% of the population – according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.


2/1/17: MarketWired Press Release

Signia introduces the Power Series, with more choices for severe to profound hearing loss

Signia now offers a diverse selection of hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss with the introduction of its new Power Series.


1/30/17: MarketWired Press Release

World premiere: Innovative and Effective Tinnitus Therapy in Signia Hearing Aids

Signia offers the first hearing aids in the world to integrate Notch Therapy against tonal tinnitus, the most common form of tinnitus.


1/9/17: Consumer Health Digest

What Guys Should Know About Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most prevalent diseases in the country. Hearing loss and tinnitus often go hand-in-hand because they share many of the same causes. In fact, tinnitus is almost always accompanied by hearing loss.


12/19/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia Hearing Aids Named as CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

Signia today announced that it has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for two of its products, the Cellion™ hearing aid and the myHearing app.

Mature woman smiling

12/23/16: Essence

These Health Hacks Have Women Over 50 Living Fabulously

Get better with time with these health hacks for the grown and beautiful. Featuring advice from Signia audiologist Donna Grant.



12/19/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia unveils a nearly invisible hearing aid that’s ready to wear

Signia broadens its appeal to first-time hearing aid wearers with the introduction of Silk, the first completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid that’s almost invisible and ready to wear.


12/5/16: Advance for Speech & Hearing

Pediatric Hearing Loss: Help is needed beyond the classroom

Classroom environments present many challenges to children with hearing loss. They require improved signal-to-noise ratios, shorter reverberation times and less distance from a speaker in order to achieve speech recognition scores comparable to their normal hearing peers.

Teenage boy ignoring mother

11/30/16: Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine

Is Your Teen Ignoring You or Is It Hearing Loss?

We were all teenagers once. We let health warnings from parents and others wash over us like waves, noticed but forgotten almost as soon as they’d passed, because we figured we’d deal with them when we were older.


11/29/16 The Hearing Review

Telehealth Apps and Hearing Aid Trial Periods: New Technology to Revolutionize Patient Care

It’s no surprise that today’s hearing aid wearers want the latest technology in discreet form factors that complement their active connected lifestyle—and at a price they can afford. Technology, aesthetics, comfort, and price are all well-known factors in a patient’s decision to purchase and subsequently use amplification. Yet what may be some lesser known factors deal with the area of patient satisfaction.


11/15/16: Signia myHearing App and Cellion selected as CES Innovation Awards Honorees

Signia’s myHearing™ smartphone app has been selected as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps product category. Cellion™ has been selected as an CES Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories: Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies and Accessible Tech. Both groundbreaking products, based on our proven primax™ platform, were launched during the EUHA Congress in October 2016.


11/14/16: Tech Motus

How to Keep Your Hearing for Life

Like many people, you’re probably under the impression that hearing loss, much like gray hair and wrinkles, is just something that happens as you get older. But it doesn’t have to if you take proactive steps to protect hearing before it fades. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy hearing the sounds of life for as long as you live.

Forbes article_Image

10/27/16 Forbes

Hearing Aids Enter The ‘Autonomous Listening’ Age

There are many hearing aid manufacturers, but Signia Pure hearing aids are a revelation in technology-driven innovation. Much like Tesla Motors is pushing the limits on autonomous driving, Signia is exploring the limits of autonomous ‘listening’. It could be the start of a truly remarkable tech revolution for people dependent upon technology to help them with everyday tasks.


10/25/16 Hearing Tracker

Hearing Aids Can Now Be Adjusted in Real-Time Over the Internet – By Your Hearing Provider

Comprehensive telehealth solution engages patients to get the best performance from their hearing aids.


10/20/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia’s myHearing app instantly connects hearing aid patients and hearing care professionals

Signia is helping to shape the future of hearing health care with myHearing™ — the new app for iPhone® and Android™ devices that enables two-way communication between hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals.


10/17/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia’s New Rechargeable Hearing Aid Goes 24 Hours With Unlimited Streaming

Signia, the global leader in rechargeable hearing aids, has announced Cellion — the world’s first lithium-ion-powered rechargeable hearing aid that makes use of wireless inductive charging technology.

Man in listening pose

10/11/16: Huffington Post

What You Need to Know About Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s Risk

Many of us are resigned to the idea that with aging comes hearing loss. It’s unavoidable, but not much more than an annoyance, right? Especially when compared to the far bigger concerns we have about getting older like developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. But the fact is a growing body of research supports the theory that when left untreated, hearing loss can contribute to functional impairments like Alzheimer’s disease.


10/4/16: Hearing Health Matters

Listening Out Of The Classroom

Children with hearing loss face various challenges inside and outside the school classroom. They require less reverberation, better signal-to-noise ratios, and shorter distances from a speaker to achieve speech recognition comparable to their normal hearing peers (Crandell, 1992). While hearing aids help provide children with needed amplification, they alone cannot always overcome the noisy challenges of school environments.


8/1/16: Living Better at 50

Hearing Loss Increases Physical Risk

Unaddressed hearing loss taxes our mental resources, forcing our brains to use its precious resources on trying to hear instead of on maintaining our balance and other cognitive tasks. Fortunately, advanced hearing aids are available to alleviate the cognitive overload associated with struggling to hear all day, and can help seniors with hearing loss enjoy fuller, independent lives longer.


7/15/16: GearDiary.com

Signia Has Made Hearing Aids Sexy; No, Really!

If the old-fashioned “ear-trumpet” is what you think of when you think of a hearing aid, you’re only a couple of centuries behind on the tech. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, little things that help their wearers hear well without being obvious or conspicuous.

Hearing Aids

7/12/16: SlashGear.com

Signia primax Insio & Pure hearing aid review: one of the most advanced wearable devices

In this review, Signia offered me the Pure® primax™ (Receiver in Canal or RIC) and a custom Insio™ primax “near” invisible-in-canal (IIC) version (more on this later). I’ve worn both extensively over the past months – long enough to be able to share and recommend the right version for you.

SP070802 Hearing ScreeningEar Sound WavesIllustration: Tom Centola

7/5/2016: Advance for Speech & Hearing

Sound Reasoning – 5 reasons you should wear hearing aids to work

If you’ve skipped wearing hearing aids to work or feared using hearing accessories openly, here are five sound reasons to flaunt them with confidence.


6/15/16: ThirdAge.com

Life with Harry’s Hearing Loss

Harry is 62 and has been married to his college sweetheart, Sue, for almost 40 years. Sue knows that Harry doesn’t hear as well as he used to, but she’s not sure what to do about it.

Brain Strain

6/9/16: AudiologyOnline

Reducing listening effort via primax hearing technology

The primary goal of amplification is improving speech understanding. When listening situations become noisier or more challenging, this is even more important. However, beyond improving speech intelligibility, another indicator of the effectiveness of hearing aid fittings that has sometimes been overlooked is the cognitive demands, or listening effort required for speech understanding to take place.

Amanda-hearing-loss-300x300-150x150 (2)

5/13/16: Livingbetter50.com

Why Getting a Hearing Test is a Must Do in Your Sixties

Depending on the life stage you’re entering on your next milestone birthday, your personal physician will present a set of tests they want you to undergo to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, one important test recommendation some neglect to mention is for your hearing.

Tom Powers - 0396

4/29/16: Hearing Review

Benefits of Binaural Beamforming for Individuals with Severe Hearing Loss

New research shows it is reasonable to expect the same speech recognition benefit for individuals with severe hearing impairment when using binax beamforming technology as previously reported for those with mild-to-moderate losses.


4/19/16 Hearing Health Matters

Hearing Aid Battery Dangers

As hearing aids continue to shrink in size, their batteries have kept pace. Small “button” batteries can easily be swallowed by pets and small children, and even adults have done so by accident. Depending on the type of battery involved, ingestion can simply require waiting for nature to take its course ― or become a life-threatening emergency.


4/18/16: AudiologyOnline

Signia Introduces New Hearing Aids on the primax Platform

Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President, Marketing & Education at Signia.


4/13/16 Performer

How Musicians Can Prevent Hearing Damage

Musicians have traditionally resisted wearing hearing protection. Their reasons for avoiding it range from not wanting anything to interfere with hearing every nuance of sound to concerns about appearing “nerdy.” What many fail to realize is that lack of hearing safety now translates to hearing loss and tinnitus later ― neither of which is conducive to creating or enjoying music.


3/29/16 ADVANCE for Speech & Hearing

Combating Tinnitus

While there is no cure, treatment options are available to soldiers returning home with ringing in their ears.