Introducing the only made for iPhone® hearing aid with high-definition binaural, better than normal hearing. *

  • Signia Pure 13 BT is the world’s only hearing aid that combines binaural audio exchange and direct streaming
  • Pure 13 BT runs on primax star technology, the first to use encrypted data and a four-band equalizer for remote fine tuning with Telecare 2.0
  • The first and only hearing aid to use iPhone motion sensors to automatically adjust settings for the wearer in motion

Piscataway, NJ,  March 24, 2017 – Signia announced today its new hearing aid –Pure® 13 BT, which combines the industry’s most innovative application of Bluetooth® low energy with high-definition binaural hearing to deliver better than normal hearing and a direct connection to iPhone®. Thanks to Signia’s e2e™ wireless 3.0 and Bluetooth wireless technology, Pure 13 BT is the only hearing aid in the world that combines binaural audio exchange and direct streaming. It is also the first and only hearing aid to use Bluetooth wireless technology to pair with iPhone’s motion sensors and better adapt to listening situations when the wearer is in motion. In addition, with the new StreamLine TV transmitter, the wearer can listen to their TV directly through both hearing aids with high-definition quality.

Pure 13 BT is based on Signia’s new primax™ star platform, which enables wearers to connect with their hearing care professional via Signia TeleCare™ 2.0. This allows the hearing care professional to optimize the wearer’s hearing aid settings remotely and make other adjustments that used to require an in-office visit.

“Thanks to the unique combination of these technologies, hearing care providers can deliver an uncompromised fusion of leading audiology, unrivaled connectivity, and revolutionary patient care,” explains Steve Mahon, CEO of Signia U.S. “No other hearing aid offers this comprehensive value proposition in the market.”

Pure is a RIC model and best-selling form factor among Signia’s hearing aids. It offers wearers discretion while delivering full audiological and connectivity capabilities. Pure 13 BT allows wearers to experience better than normal hearing in the most difficult listening environments with less effort*, and stream audio directly from their iPhone or TV into their hearing aids. Pure 13 BT is IP67-rated making it a very reliable instrument resistant to water, sweat, and dirt.

Pure’s situation detection – automatic adjustments for the wearer in motion
Signia Pure 13 BT is the first hearing aid to use the motion sensors integrated in the iPhone to improve the wearer’s speech understanding and safety when walking or running. The hearing aids receive and continuously evaluate the acoustic environment using information from the iPhone’s motion sensors and automatically enables the most suitable setting for that situation. For example, if the wearer is walking in a noisy environment, the hearing aids register the wearer is in motion, and automatically adjust to better hear a conversation partner at their side or from the back while maintaining awareness of environmental sounds like sirens, approaching vehicles, or pedestrians. This improves the wearer’s listening comfort and safety.

Higher audio quality via Bluetooth streaming
Signia Pure 13 BT hearing aids connect to the iPhone via fast and secure Bluetooth low energy wireless technology, which allows for particularly high-quality audio transmission without consuming significant battery power. iPhone audio signals are streamed directly into the hearing aids without an additional intermediary device —music and telephone or video calls. A TV can stream directly via Bluetooth using the StreamLine TV transmitter, which delivers full, high-quality sound streamed directly into Pure 13 BT hearing aids.

Individual settings via myControl™ App
Wearers can remotely control the hearing aids via iPhone by using the myControl™ App, available exclusively for the Signia Pure 13 BT, and can make personalized adjustments to programs, volume, microphone directionality, and treble/bass, during audio streaming. Airplane mode can be enabled and the sensitivity of the motion sensors adjusted. A noise profile is created and displayed based on daily data acquisition like a ‘fitness tracker’ for hearing, documenting the wearer’s exposure to noise throughout the day.

Signia introduces primax star technology
primax star constitutes an update to the primax platform, which delivers better than normal hearing with less listening effort* — a big advantage in conversational settings.

The primax star update enables all primax hearing aids to be compatible with TeleCare 2.0., which for the first time lets professionals remotely modify the hearing aid frequency response in four bands. The new four-band equalizer in TeleCare 2.0 allows for remote binaural fine-tuning to each program for all primax star hearing instruments. The patient can accept and try out the new settings, all via the myHearing™ App without a trip to the office.

TeleCare 2.0 brings wearers and hearing care providers closer than ever
New for Pure 13 BT, primax star and TeleCare 2.0 give the professional a powerful tool to access smart data from the patient remotely. The system detects and stores via Bluetooth real-time data on the patient’s experience with different environments, when they were in those environments and for how long, and what actions the patient completed. This smart data is encrypted, secure and protected from access by third parties, including the manufacturer. This ‘data logging’ intelligence is transmitted from the hearing aids to the hearing care professional via the myHearing App and gives the provider the ability to make customized adjustments and fine-tune the hearing aids either in the office or remotely. The changes are transmitted to the iPhone, which transmits them to the hearing aids via Signia TeleLink. TeleCare 2.0 promotes acceptance of hearing aids, particularly among first-time wearers, by increasing patient satisfaction and accelerating hearing success.

The Signia Pure 13 BT will be available beginning May.

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