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From your computer or smart device to your customer’s smartphone: a game changer for your business. TeleCare™ saves time, increases quality of care, and converts patients with hearing loss into satisfied hearing aid wearers.

Introducing full live remote tuning.

TeleCare now offers full live remote tuning so you can fine-tune patients’ hearing aids in the real-life situations for which they are intended. After the personal first fitting, follow-up appointments can be held online via video call, much like a virtual home visit. This allows professionals to adjust the hearing aids for the most natural individual sound quality in real time and at the patient’s convenience to keep the trial on track.

Remote fitting in natural situations.

TeleCare enables use of the most powerful fitting software, Connexx®, fully remotely from a PC or laptop. Offering full live remote tuning and video call, Connexx is synchronized with the TeleCare portal for support in patients’ natural surroundings.

For you

Help on the spot, much like a virtual home visit.


1. Rely on the most detailed data for a successful trial.

The ability to monitor indicators such as wearing time, program use, and situation classification allows you to better predict successful outcomes and intervene where neccessary.

  • Tracks patients’ daily satisfaction
  • Enables you to react more precisely

2. Provide the best support with full live remote tuning.

Deliver revolutionary patient care by solving issues remotely after the personal first fitting to keep the trial on track. Current instrument status on program, volume, situation classification, and noise level helps you to fine-tune the hearing aids optimally in any situation.

  • Reduces interruptions to ensure better trial outcomes
  • Avoids extra visits
  • Doesn’t let simple issues ruin the trial

3. Communicate face-to-face with your patients, wherever they are.

Real-time video calls as well as text and voice CareChat™ capabilities enable easy and direct communication with your patients.

  • Lowers the barrier to communicate
  • Lets you troubleshoot any problems in the most efficient way
  • Saves you time and appointments

For your patients

Your help always at hand.


1. The hearing care professional in the pocket.

The virtual home visit is available for all patients with an iOS® or Android™ device via the myHearing™ App. In addition to guiding them through the trial process, the award-winning app* now serves as the hearing care professional in their pocket, with them every step of the way.

  • Instant advice and troubleshooting
  • Fewer follow-up appointments
  • Increased patient satisfaction

2. Helps handle new hearing aids.

Remote control options plus easy access to frequently asked questions and a user guide help wearers get used to new hearing aids faster.

  • Many issues can be addressed without delay
  • Patients are more likely to become engaged with their new hearing aids
  • Shorter acclimatization period

3. Fast and clear hearing success.

Engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance help wearers get familiar with their new hearing aids faster than ever before.

  • Wearers can learn at their preferred pace
  • Feedback options for a higher individualization
  • Fewer drop-outs during trial phase

Market-tested success:


The most challenging period of adjusting to new hearing aids is typically the first few weeks. In order to manage the critical moments effectively and to increase patient satisfaction, Signia TeleCare is the perfect hearing care tool for the trial period.

The success of Signia TeleCare is clear:
A field test shows that when using TeleCare, hearing aid trials become smoother, faster, and more successful than ever before.**

Register for TeleCare 3.0 today at telecare.signia-pro.com

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The myHearing App works with all hearing aids with Signia Nx and primax™ star platform technology.***


Start enhancing your business today.

Use TeleCare, show your patients how to download the myHearing App from Google™ Play and the Apple® App Store, and experience the range of benefits TeleCare offers you both.

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*CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree

** Field test conducted in 2016 in the United States and Germany by Sivantos to evaluate the effectiveness of TeleCare with 25 practicing Hearing Care Professionals and 150 of their patients over four months. Results show that when using TeleCare, the average hearing aid return rate, the length of the trial period, and the number of follow-up fitting appointments decreased compared to not using TeleCare. The results of the study are presented within the paper “Signia TeleCare – the Future of Hearing Care Starts Now”. Available in our Scientific Library.

*** Full live remote tuning and tracking of wearing time, program use, and situation classification are available exclusively with Signia Nx.

myHearing App smartphone compatibility:

The myHearing app works for all Andoid smartphones (Android 4.4 and newer) and iPhones (iOS version 8 and newer).

Full live remote tuning was tested and works best with the following devices:

 Android Whitelist

• Google Nexus 6P (Android 7.1.1 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S8 – SM-G950F (Android 7.0 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S8 (USA) – SM-G950U (Android 7.0 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S7 – SM-G930F (Android 7.0 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S7 (USA) – SM-G930V (Android 7.0 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – SM-G935F (Android 7.0 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S6 – SM-920I (Android 6.0.1 or higher)

• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – SM-G925F (Android 7.0 or higher)

New phones may be added to this list.

Watch a hearing care professional share his experience using TeleCare

TeleCare helps this hearing care professional deliver superior service to his patients


For patients: myHearing App

  • Listening exercises
  • Guided assistance
  • Personal progress: Feedback & ratings
  • CareChat: Text, voice and video communication
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Remote control function

For the hearing care professional: Web portal

  • Monitor patient progress
  • View feedback
  • Communicate via CareChat
  • Fine-tune remotely

Why TeleCare?

Today’s hearing aid wearers are empowered and proactive about their health and well-being. They are increasingly focused on immediacy, real-time connectivity, and personal comfort. They’ve come to expect the highest standard of care. Many wearers live busy, active lifestyles with no time to waste.

At the same time, you are facing the commoditization of the hearing care industry and being challenged to set a new standard of care that will differentiate you from competitors.

Currently, during the crucial period when a patient begins using their hearing aids for the very first time, they are mostly left to adapt on their own. This is a critical time of acclimatization that can lead to either a successful adoption of the hearing aids or rejection and return. By developing TeleCare and eliminating this “blind spot” in hearing care, we’ve given you a valuable tool for improving patient outcomes.


Hearing care professionals often report their patients:

  • Come in for a follow-up appointment having rarely worn their hearing aids
  • Show little motivation to evaluate their hearing aids throughout the trial phase
  • Haven’t understood or remembered as much about hearing loss and hearing aids as expected
  • Return their hearing aids

Signia TeleCare offers you five key advantages:

1. Excite and motivate your patients.

Engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance help new wearers learn and adapt quickly to their hearing aids, promoting faster acclimatization.

2. Transparency on patient satisfaction in real-time.

Structured wearer feedback on individual listening situations and overall ratings provide valuable insights into your patients’ personal progress, so you can identify issues and initiate contact, or prepare in advance for their visit.

3. Stay closer to your patients with easy communication.

Real-time text, voice and video CareChat capabilities enable easy, direct communication with your patients. You can troubleshoot any problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and appointments.

4. Make your patients happy wherever they — or you — are.

Signia TeleLink greatly improves the speed and convenience of minor adjustments by giving you the ability to change selected parameters in your patients’ hearing aids remotely. It thereby helps you to minimize disruptions during the initial adoption period and avoid extra visits to your clinic.

5. All of your patients can experience TeleCare’s benefits.

TeleCare is an ideal application for all patients, as it works with all Signia hearing aids and is optimized for Signia primax™ products.

The high-impact result: TeleCare from Signia puts you on the fast track toward the future of hearing healthcare. Experience a new level of success and boost growth for your business based on higher quality of service, efficient trialing, and happier patients.

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How TeleCare Works

Sivantos does not access any personal patient information (“Patient Data”) collected through the use of the Sivantos GmbH, Signia TeleCare app. Sivantos aggregates and anonymizes the Patient Data and maintains such Patient Data in compliance with its data privacy policy and in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Patient Data is encrypted and stored on servers of a third party certified to handle personal and sensitive patient data. Sivantos does not access any Patient Data collected through the use of the Sivantos GmbH, Signia TeleCare app, unless required by law or otherwise.