Signia hearing aids introduces TeleCare, a new online dashboard for hearing care professionals to assist patients with their hearing aids remotely.

Signia TeleCare

Proven remote service for best-in-class trial success and higher patient

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Remote Tuning

Ensure your patients feel comfortable with their hearing aids wherever there are. With TeleCare, you can have any issues solved quickly by making adjustments remotely.
TeleCare also allows you to communicate live via voice or video call during the remote session.


Stay in closer contact with your patients via chat messages, voice, or video call. You can use TeleCare to communicate directly via your patients’ smartphone. It takes less time than traditional practice visits and allows you to troubleshoot any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Daily Satisfaction Ratings

Predict trial success with ease by monitoring how your patients feel about their hearing experience on a daily basis. Patients get a daily reminder to leave a satisfaction rating in the Signia app. You can then see their ratings, comments, and wearing time in TeleCare, so you can promptly intervene to help via remote tuning, for example.

Hearing Lessons

Give your patients the opportunity to get to know their hearing aids at their own pace. They can rate their experience of the situations they are in, which makes the differences between devices visible – and lets patients know their feedback is listened to. This makes it much easier for them to select the right hearing aid.

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