Attract new and existing clients with the unique, beautifully designed Styletto. The world’s first SLIM-RIC stylish device combines style with high-tech hearing powered by Signia Nx.

Styletto is now available in all performance levels.


It’s time to transform the image of hearing aids

Hearing aid design has always been heavily influenced by the coin cell battery shape. Even today’s most attractive behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are almost identical to one another because of this design influence. The primary change over the years has been to make these devices smaller and more discreet, but their basic style has remained the same.

Signia is taking a new approach to drive acceptance of visibility with the introduction of Styletto.

Attract new and existing patients with the unique, beautifully designed Styletto. Our world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid combines style with convenient on-the-go rechargeability and high-tech hearing powered by the Signia Nx platform.

It is available in all performance levels.

Style and uncompromising audiological performance

With Styletto, you can offer your patients a unique device that combines:

  • Exceptional style
  • Portable rechargeability
  • Natural hearing experience

Styletto will differentiate your practice from the competition. We conducted consumer studies with 500 people with hearing loss that confirmed Styletto is the solution that patients prefer and remember. In fact, Styletto is the preferred choice of 8 out of 10 people.*

In addition to its sleek design, clean surfaces, and brushed metal look, Styletto is available in three contemporary color combinations: Dark Granite / Silver, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, and Snow White / Rose Gold.


* Source: Signia consumer study 2018



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Portable rechargeability

Styletto comes with a slim, portable recharging case for easy handling and long wearing time. Designed for convenience, our unique pin-shaped lithium-ion power module enables wearers to enjoy:

  • 19 hours daily use*
  • 3 hour full charge
  • 30 minute fast chare
  • 3 full charges on the go

Whether on a conference call or presenting to colleagues, patients can be confident that Styletto will support their active lifestyle.

*up to 16 hours daily runtime after two years



An uncompromising audiological experience

Styletto includes all the features of the acclaimed Signia Nx platform, including our unique Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for the most natural-sounding own voice experience. Ultra HD e2e® provides Narrow Directionality for better than normal hearing even in challenging listening environments and Twin Phone, for the utmost clarity and understanding of speech during phone conversations.

TeleLink provides discreet remote control options via the touchControl™ App and the miniPocket™, making it easy for patients to adjust their hearing aids in any situation. And TeleCare™ allows you to track your patient’s progress with their new hearing aids and assist them remotely with minor adjustments.

An IP68 rating and robust fixed receiver** provides unmatched reliability.

** Size M receiver (60/119) available in lengths 2 & 3


The touchControl App is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store® or Google Play™.

Stand out from the competition with Styletto

Styletto allows you to offer a proven solution that patients prefer and remember. Its refined slim-line styling is preferred by 8 out of 10 people compared to conventional hearing aids.*

Our consumer study also showed that given the choice between two practices — one offering Styletto and one not — 84 percent of people sampled chose the practice that included Styletto as an option.

Additionally, when people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who didn’t yet have hearing aids were offered a choice between purchasing a standard hearing aid model or nothing at all, 24 percent chose not to get a hearing aid. However, when offer a choice between standard hearing aid models, Styletto, or nothing at all, nine out of ten chose a hearing aid, and 65 percent specifically chose Styletto.

The takeaway? Including our eye-catching Styletto in your portfolio will attract more potential wearers to your practice instead of your competitors’.

* Source: Signia consumer study 2018



Significantly increase your in-store conversion of people with hearing loss into satisfied clients. 14% more consumers express a clear interest in Signia hearing aids when Styletto is included in the portfolio.*

* Source: Signia consumer study 2018

"These have to be the coolest hearing aids I've ever seen." - Dr. Cliff, AuD

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