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Review your TeleCare activity of the past week. Are you adding a patient a week? Screen your calendar for the next two weeks to identify new patients to introduce to TeleCare.

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This week: How to present TeleCare to your patients and interact with them

If you haven’t started yet, we encourage you to try TeleCare with some of your next patients. We have created another Quick Guide that gives you all the help you should need to feel comfortable with the process.

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Join the movement!

TeleCare is used by audiologists around the country. The map below shows how audiologists across all states are using TeleCare to offer a superior standard of care for their patients.


Good to know

We also offer the TeleCare Booklet, a paper-based version of the hearing exercises and daily satisfaction ratings in the myHearing™ app. For your patients who do not use smart phones, this can help to engage them in the same way and show them how you have their hearing success covered. Please contact your Signia representative for details.