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Write your TeleCare patients a quick message today. Communicating with your patients throughout their journey demonstrates your engagement and dedication to their individual needs. Ask patients to provide you with feedback and then use it to identify those areas where they need additional help. Then follow-up with them to provide improvements and suggestions. Be sure to use the popular messaging system in the TeleCare portal to reach your patients on their mobile phones.

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This week: How to integrate TeleCare into your daily routine

Most professionals have started to develop a routine to make TeleCare an integral part of their workflow. In this User Guide, we have compiled some key insights from active TeleCare users on how to include TeleCare in your existing day-to-day activities, to your benefit.

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Guide Workflow Integration

Learn more about TeleCare

With TeleCare, you will be able to collect valuable patient feedback and act on it. In a dedicated video tutorial, we show you how to analyze patient ratings and how to use TeleCare’s messaging system to engage with patients.

Join the movement!

TeleCare is used by audiologists around the country. The map below shows how audiologists across all states are using TeleCare to offer a superior standard of care for their patients.


Good to know

We also offer the TeleCare Booklet, a paper-based version of the hearing exercises and daily satisfaction ratings in the myHearing™ app. For your patients who do not use smart phones, this can help to engage them in the same way and show them how you have their hearing success covered. Please contact your Signia representative for details.