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In week 1 you tried out TeleCare on your own phone with a pair of demo devices. We recommend you do the same and assume the role of your own patient for learning about the capabilities of Pure 13 BT instruments. Set up a new patient profile, link it to a pair of Pure 13 BT devices, pair them with the myHearing app on your phone and carry them around with you for some time. See how you can learn about the wearer’s acoustic environment and wearing time almost real-time and think about how you can benefit from this with patients in the future.

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This week: TeleCare with the new primax Pure 13 BT devices

Receiving direct information of the acoustical environment, wearing time and usage data of your patients will help you to better assist them through their journey with the new primax Pure 13 BT hearing aids. We have created a brief guide of how to get the best of this device with TeleCare.

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TeleCare is already helping hearing care professionals around the country further improve the standard of care offered to patients. Watch Chris Pape of AccuHear in Spring Hill, FL, share how Signia TeleCare helps his practice deliver superior service to hearing aid patients.