“The Signia Xperience hearing aids really are a game changer.” – Terry, age 71

Life has always been on the go for former football pro Terry Hanratty. He went from rising college football star, to eight years playing professionally, to a successful three-decade career on Wall Street. Although Terry now has hearing loss, he refuses to let that slow him down.

Coming to terms with hearing loss

After requesting a hearing test during his annual physical, Terry’s doctor told him he needed hearing aids. Terry admits he was a bit reluctant at first: “I’m only 70 years old. I said ‘I’m too young – I don’t want hearing aids.’”

Then Terry’s doctor explained to him the connection between untreated hearing loss and dementia, and how it can cause people to withdraw from social situations. Terry’s response? “I think I went grey. And I said, ‘Wait a minute – let’s talk about this.’”

That was the wake-up call Terry needed to do something about his hearing loss. Although he tested one brand of hearing aids, they didn’t perform as he had hoped. Then Terry tried Signia Xperience hearing aids with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors. The new rechargeable Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids with full connectivity and exceptional sound technology scored a touchdown with Terry.

Exceptional hearing for a life in motion

As Terry’s audiologist Dr. Nancy Datino of Audiology & Speech Solutions in Rye, NY said, “He’s a man on the go and that’s what these hearing aids are really all about. As a hearing aid wearer, your needs will change whether you’re sitting stationary in a restaurant or you’re up and moving. The Signia Xperience hearing aids really adapt to that environment.

Terry noticed an immediate improvement since wearing Pure Charge&Go X. “I hear much better now than I’ve ever heard. I can carry on a conversation with anybody and I’m hearing everything. It’s just wonderful – it really is.” And with full lithium-ion rechargeability, he can hear all day without having to worry about changing pesky batteries!

He also likes the Bluetooth connectivity and ease of use. As Terry explains, “I answer my phone, and it goes right to my ear. In my car, it goes right to my ear. It is so user friendly. If I can use it – which changing a light bulb is difficult for me – but I can use these hearing aids and they are just wonderful.”

Advice for others

Terry’s advice for anyone who thinks they may have hearing loss is simple: “It’s such an easy thing to go get your hearing checked. I think we all deserve quality of life and it can be easily attained with hearing aids.”

He continues, “And it’s a quality of life not only for you, the hearing aid wearer. It’s for your wife, it’s for your kids. Give them some peace of mind that maybe Dad is going to live his full life and do it very nicely.”